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    New Episodes Every Other Thursday Night at 8 on Channel 18!! Read More
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    New Episodes Every Other Thursday Night at 8 on Channel 18!!   Read More
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White Rose Community Television (WRCT) is a Regional Public, Education and Government (PEG) Cable Television Access System that reaches over 100,000 households in 55 of York County’s 72 municipalities on the Comcast Cable TV System. Historically channel 16 reaches 55,000 subscribers in the greater York Area with approximately 4,000 households located in the City of York. In 2006, channel 18 was added to the cable line up. Channel 18’s footprint includes the greater York area and added an additional 45,000 subscribers reached into the Hanover area. Households that have satellite service are encouraged to watch our programming on the Internet via

WRCT provides an opportunity for a local voice in the creation of content by organizations and individuals throughout York County. WRCT broadcasts municipal and school board meetings, student productions and is a unique and valuable resource to communicate effectively to residents, which allows a greater participation in the process of governing.

Since 1974, the City of York has broadcast a continuously operating community access channel on the local cable system, providing citizens in York County with a voice in various types of locally produced programming. Each municipality in which the local cable company provides services negotiate a cable franchise agreement for use of the municipal ‘rights of way’ and require the subscribers to pay a 5% franchise fee that is then paid to that municipality. In 1973, the City of York included a Public Access Channel for use by the York community in their agreement. In early 2006, an additional Educational and Government access channel, Channel 18 was created by the City of York and the City rebranded these PEG channels “White Rose Community Television”.

WRCT had been co-located in the Comcast Technical field office at 1050 E King St. for more than 20 years. In 2012, construction of a new studio began in a portion of the Rotary Kranich building at 120 S Lehman St.; the renovation of the building was included in the City’s Community Centers’ upgrade. As part of the negotiated franchise agreement, funds were received from the former cable provider SusCom and then later from Comcast, for the equipment for both a studio and the broadcast facility equipment. This effort began early in 2006 and the move was completed in 2012.

Building a new broadcast facility and studio is a significant achievement in the history of White Rose Community Television, its partnership with the City of York and all the volunteers and viewers that have supported Public Access since its beginnings in 1974. WRCT moved from a 10X20 foot space into a modern 2,000 square foot facility that is accessible and designed and constructed specifically for the technical infrastructure needed for broadcasting two television channels and the operation of a new High Definition Studio. It’s also important to recognize the support and investment of Comcast in the success of this project in providing the equipment and fiber connections to the Cable TV System in York County.

White Rose Community Television is a regional Public Education and Government access system and operates as a regional resource. For a number of years, the City of York has had ongoing negotiations with York County Government to not only receive financial support but also ensure that County information be generated as content for York county residents. The Board of Commissioners have funded WRCT in the amount of $60,000 in 2012.

Accomplishments for 2012

WRCT broadcasts channel 16 and 18, twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. During 2012, over 905 hours of live programming was broadcast which included 385 hours of independently produced live call in shows, 133 hours of York County Commissioners meetings and 290 hours of WRCT produced York City Council meetings and hearings.

Over 625 different 1st run programs were aired on WRCT channels 16 and 18 for a total of 4,537 hours of programming. WRCT provides a Community Calendar on 16 and 18 that posts events, activities and other important community information that airs at least 20 hours a week. An enhanced Community Calendar function was developed that includes an AP news feed and weather forecast to air alongside announcements. WRCT offers local community groups and government offices the ability to post their own messages through a user id program that allows Internet access for posting on the Community Calendar and a volunteer at WRCT posts announcements that are emailed or mailed to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Building on this experience with digital signage, WRCT maintains the digital signage at the new York City Hall. This signage is designed to allow City employees to request a user id and password to input up to date slides, news and weather feeds and can be scheduled to play short video clips. Another feature is a RSS feed connected to the City’s Web page that automatically updates the digital sign when new information is added to the City’s homepage, reducing the staff time related to data entry of information.

Our ongoing commitment to WEB 2.0 and Social Networking as a way of connecting with viewers continued in 2012 with a significant increase in the use of our website , which streams channels 16 & 18 and the community calendar. The added capability of watching a Video On Demand (VOD) file of selected programs in a YouTube ‘like’ window on your computer has increased viewers to and we maintain a Face Book page.

This merging of technology enhances the value of locally created content and the way in which York residents can participate in their community. We have developed the capability of allowing individuals and organizations to upload short videos to WRCT for broadcast and for individuals to be part of live shows via the Internet and their web cams through SKYPE.

In 2012, WRCT installed new streaming and VOD equipment and upgraded the contract with the hosted streaming service features to move from a windows media stream to an mpeg4 or H.2 content wrapper. As Smartphones, Tablets and iPads become more ubiquitous and viewing habits have changed and WRCT began the challenge of delivering our local content to these devices in 2012.

WRCT decided to re invent/create a new web site that would be ‘Mobile Friendly’ and to change our streaming option. The City of York owns the domain name ; a volunteer contributes to the cost of the web hosting services of and the software that is being used and in August of 2012 WRCT migrated to this new web page.

The major issues addressed included changing our streaming option with Earthchannel to H.264, moving our high definition video files to a WRCT YouTube channel and to connect with viewers to our Facebook page. Earthchannel did not offer H.264 encoding so we were able to convince them to provide equipment, new software and entered into a ‘beta’ testing program. We have been very successful with this upgrade. Our YouTube channel is integrated into our new web site in such a way that users who want to watch a specific VOD file are either directed to Earthchannel for Municipal meetings or to YouTube for HD VOD of selected files. An RSS feed allows our Facebook friends to know that a new VOD file is available for watching and as before, Channel 16, Channel 18 and the Community Calendar is available as a live feed but now on any mobile device not just a computer.

The hits on since the availability of VOD in October 2009 has more than doubled. Our new enhanced capability should also encourage interested municipalities, school boards, organizations and community groups to have links on their own web pages that point to . The analytics of the usage of VOD, streaming, website hits and Facebook usage includes over 31,560 hits to our VOD Earthchannel sessions since August of 2012 with York Most Wanted receiving as many as 100 views on one day. 21,285 viewers used windows operating system; 1303 used Mac; 5052 of our mobile users were iPod/iPad/iPhone users; 1463 Android and 45 others. Over 24,489 minutes were watched on WRCT YouTube channel with 21% of whom used mobile devices.

Programming in 2012

Through a fiber optic network connecting WRCT to sites throughout York City, we are able to offer live broadcasting of community events at York City Council Chambers, City Hall, York County Administrative Center, Martin Library, Crispus Attucks, and the Pullo Family Performing Arts Center at Penn State York. The following programs were broadcast live this year:

  • City Council Meetings every two weeks and various committee meetings
  • York County Commissioners weekly meetings
  • Mayor’s budget Hearings
  • York City Police Awards
  • St Patrick’s Day Parade
  • Mother’s Day Street Fair
  • Penn State York Graduation Ceremony in May and December 2012
  • First Night Celebration Downtown York
  • Halloween Parade

WRCT’s first priority is to manage the infrastructure of the PEG system and empower others to produce content for broadcast on either channel 16, the public access channel or government and educational programming for channel 18. Channel 16 is primarily volunteer driven and some of the shows produced by volunteers are:

  • “Now We’re Cooking”;
  • “In the Square Circle”. a live talk show about local wrestling
  • “Bible Baptist Church” Ministry
  • “Brethren Voices” Ministry
  • “That Pro Wrestling Show”
  • “Friday Night Frights”
  • “Musical Memories”
  • “Rails Around York”
  • “Susquehanna Wrestling Organization”
  • “30 Odd Minutes”
  • “Breathe TV”
  • “This is Our City”
  • “Race Night”
  • “Unity Church of God”
  • “Life Talk”
  • “Currents”
  • “Pathway Community Church”
  • “Behind the Headlines”
  • “Beyond Today”
  • ”The Humanist Perspective”
  • “English Mass” St Mary’s Church
  • “Heart to Heart”
  • “Higher Ground”
  • “Biblical Errantcy”
  • “Democracy Now”, an alternative media national broadcast
  • “Almost Persuaded”
  • “Alternate Route”
  • “I love Toy Trains”
  • “Stock Car Saturday Night”
  • “Gone Fishing”
  • “Travel TV”
  • “Fastrax Video”
  • “Cartoon Castle”
  • “Not Live”
  • “SKS Video”
  • “Seven Valley Boys”
  • “Donkey Ollie”
  • “American Heritage Services”
  • “Glen Rock Carolers”
  • “York City Basketball”
  • “Celebration of Aging”
  • “Happy Hour TV”
  • “Liquid Tuesday”

WRCT continues to accommodate live shows in our studio:

  • ‘In the Square Circle” Wednesday, 6pm to 7:30pm, a wrestling call in show
  • “An Ordinary Journey” Thursday, 7pm to 8pm about domestic violence prevention, hosted by Leigh Thomas
  • “Call the Preacher” Monday, from 6pm to 7:30pm, hosted by Jim Grove
  • “Joe Live” each Saturday from 6pm to 8pm, hosted by Joe Jackson
  • “The Atheist Perspective” Alternate Tuesdays 6pm to 7pm
  • “Free Thought Forum” Alternate Tuesdays 6pm to 7pm

WRCT regularly broadcasts the following Government programming:

  • Weekly County Commissioner’s meetings
  • Bi-weekly York City Council meetings
  • Legislative reports from the PA State Legislators in 2012 that included:
    • Senator Mike Waugh
    • Senator Jeff Piccolo
    • Senator Richard Alloway
    • Representative Stan Saylor
    • Representative Ron Miller
    • Representative Scott Perry
    • Representative Seth Grove
    • Representative Keith Gillespie
    • Representative Will Tallman
    • House Republicans and Democrats– “Agenda for Action”
    • Senate Republicans and Democrats – “Capital Connection” – “Focus on PA”
  • US Department of Education
  • Veteran’s Administration
  • Medicare and Social Security
  • Army News Watch
  • In The Fight from the Military Channel
  • York’s Most Wanted
  • Safe York
  • Dover School Board meetings
  • Road to Recover – US Dept of Health
  • Today’s Air Force
  • US Dept of Agriculture Series

A few highlights of special shows that aired on WRCT channel 18 in 2012:

  • Legal Lines
  • 911 Remembrance
  • Remembering American Heroes Iraq Flag/Afghanistan Memorial
  • Labor Day Festivities at Kiwanis Lake and Fireworks
  • York Suburban SHS
  • Flower Show
  • Medically Speaking from the Medical Society
  • Restaurant Week
  • State of the City Address
  • Easter Egg Hunt
  • Arbor Day
  • Cigarbox Expo
  • Vice President Biden at West York High School
  • Habitat’s 100th Home
  • Fire Awards
  • Police Awards
  • 1st Friday
  • Faithnet Conference
  • Box Lunch Review
  • Lincoln Park Concerts
  • YorkArts-Poet Laureate
  • Peace Garden 911
  • Builder’s Show
  • Sea Inside-Under Water series
  • United Way Campaign Video
  • Various highlights of York area businesses
  • Student Produced Swim Meets and Football games
  • Bring on Play
  • Gold Star Memorial
  • Light Up Night
  • Court of Valor
  • Mayor’s Budget Hearing
  • York County Special Olympics
  • Fishing Derby
  • National Night Out
  • Mayor Bracey’s Town Hall Meetings
  • Mayor’s Merchant of the Month – The Left Bank, Esaan, The Frame Shop, Tanzania Seafood and Jazz, Renaissance Bridal, Sweet Melissa Dreams, Maewyn’s, Skyline Gymnastics, Lotus Moon Yoga, Colony Park Bowling, YMCA..
  • Candidates Forums and Debates
  • Unity Block Party
  • Revolution’s Wrap Up
  • YorkFest
  • St Joseph Special Mass
  • Fire Fighter’s Recognition/Memorial
  • Education First Parade
  • Local Bands
  • Public Domain cartoons
  • Photo and Musical Montage by Photographer Bill Schintz
  • Day of Discovery – Take 10 on Tuesday, Ai of York, Go Green in the city, Downtown Event Meeting, YMCA Housing, Interview with Scott Butcher, Chris Kurtz, Boy Scouts
  • Grand Openings –Mom’s Bean Pie, Yorktowne Salon & Spa, BedstoGo, White Rose Credit Union, Beautiful Blessings, Gavin Advertising, Border’s Chicken, CheeseSpot, Cherrie Anne’s, City Loffs, Loffs at Linden Ave., East Side Health Center, The Meadows,
  • Manufactures Association Annual Meeting
  • MLK Breakfast at Crispus Attucks
  • Salvation Army Events
  • Luke’s Film Series
  • Morman Tabernacle Choir
  • Bike Night Parade
  • Street Rod Parade
  • Keep York Beautiful Poster Contest
  • Ground Breaking – Habitat, Thackson School, Gold Star Memorial Gardens, Peace Garden
  • York Interfaith Forum
  • Music Booster at Maewyns
  • Poetry Reading at the Emporium
  • Downtown Inc Video Booth
  • Mortgage Foreclosure Event
  • Tour of City Hall
  • Lincoln Charter School Gun Violence, Let’s Move, Neighborhood
  • NAACP Voter ID
  • Various Press Conferences – BOP, St Patrick’s Day, Strand Capital, Think Loud, Salvation Army, YCIDC, Central Market, York Health Bureau, Firefight Promotion and Police Swearing in, York Symphony, Rail Trail, Go Safe Streets, United Way, HIV Testing Day, York Capitals, SIDS Awareness, Make a Difference Day, Hew Hope Charter School, Citizen Inspector Training
  • National Small Business Week
  • Mayor’s Reading to Children at the Library
  • Eat, Shop, Giggle
  • One Community United
  • Public Comments on Continental Square
  • Schools Roar for Peace
  • Toys for Tots
  • Dispatch Vignettes
  • Rotary International Grant

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